SCCE Duties and Sample Manuals

The Site Coordinator of Clinical Education (SCCE) is employed and designated by the clinical facility to direct, organize, coordinate, supervise, and evaluate the clinical education program in that facility. The SCCE’s primary role is to serve as a liaison between the academic institutions and the clinical facility.

The primary roles and responsibilities of the SCCE include the following:

  1. Identify, organize, and coordinate the specific learning experiences available at the clinical education site.
  2. Maintain communication with DCE and program faculty in regard to availability of clinical education experiences, scheduling of students, and site-specific requirements.
  3. Once student is scheduled to the site, SCCE confirms placement and communicates directly with the student (or directs the CI to communicate directly to the student) about site expectations and requirements.
  4. Assign clinical instructors (CIs) for each clinical placement, evaluating each CI’s readiness and preparedness to serve as a CI.
  5. Provide or schedule provision of a thorough orientation of the facility, including but not limited to general policies and procedures, emergency procedures, philosophy of the site’s clinical education program, goals and expectations for the student while at the facility, and student learning objectives.
  6. Maintain communication with DCE, program faculty, CI, and student during the clinical education experience.
  7. In situations where indicated, collaborates with the DCE, CI, and student to problem solve and assist in planning remedial, alternative, accommodative, or challenging learning experiences.
  8. Organize, coordinate, direct, evaluate, and supervise the activities of the clinical instructors and students assigned to the clinical site.
  9. Organize and implement development activities for the clinical instructors to enhance their skills as clinical educators.
  10. Provide regular feedback to the program about student performance and perceived strengths and weaknesses of the academic program.
  11. Provide regular assessment of the effectiveness of the DCE and program faculty involved in clinical education supervision.
  12. Review PT and PTA program Clinical Education Manuals.
  13. Act as a role model for ethical, legal, and professional behavior.
  14. Demonstrate effective communication, interpersonal, instructional, supervisory, performance evaluation, administrative, and managerial skills.


This manual can be very helpful for new SCCEs or for SCCEs looking to help fine-tune certain areas of your tasks.

Reference Manual for Site Coordinators of Clinical Education (SCCE) Manual

This manual was developed by Clinical Education Special Interest Group Leadership and Task Force to help SCCE and the PTs they work with to meet all of their clinical education goals

Blank Sample of the Sutter SCCE Packet

A good best practice is for the SCCE to prepare a student packet for students to become familiar with your site, process and timelines. Below is an example from Sutter. If you do not yet have a student packet, this can be a good inservice project for an existing student to produce.

Guidelines for Self-Assessments for Clinical Education

If you are interested in a referral to have someone design a document for you, please reach out to our technology consultant, Ashley, 

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