Clinical Instructor Credentialing Program (CCIP)

Online Course Registration- March 23rd & 24th, 2023

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The registration process is a 2-step process.

STEP 1: Register through the APTA website

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Select “Continue” on the “Level 1 Credentialed Clinical Instructor Course Application”

Choose “Complete Application”

Select “Choose” for Course Level 1

On the left menu, scroll down and select California

Choose Sacramento March 23 and 24 as your course

Offering Code: 202303CA022

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Online Course Registration- January 28th & 29th, 2023


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 CCIP Courses and Booster courses

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Credentialed Clinical Instructor Program (CCIP Level 1) Course

The Physical Therapy Credentialed Clinical Instructor Program (CCIP Level 1) is a two-day course that includes lectures, small and large group discussion, with an assessment center at the end of each day. The purpose of the course is to provide instruction in various aspects of working with students. The topics include: understanding the role of the clinician as an educator; review of the basics of learning theory; suggestions for facilitating learning in the clinical environment; assessment concepts as related to clinical learning; legal, regulatory, and ADA issues in clinical education; and, managing the exceptional student and the student with problems in clinical education. This program was created by the APTA in 1997 and has undergone revision in 2005, 2009.

The Assessment Center is divided into six sections that mirror the topics presented. There are series of short answer questions that review the salient points from each of the six sections utilizing problem based student related situations. It is self-scored. All students that pass the Assessment Center will become Credentialed Clinical instructors. The course is open to PT, PTAs as well as other health providers. Only PTs and PTAs can become credentialed based on the content of the assessment center.

Many CIs leave feeling more confident in their role as a CI especially in working through difficult situations.

Credentialed Clinical Instructor Program Level 2

(CCIP Level 2)

The Credentialed Clinical Instructor Program Level 2 (CCIP Level 2) was created by the APTA in 2007 for Physical Therapists. This two-day course is similar to the initial credentialing course in design in that it is a combination of lecture and large and small group discuss and problem solving.

This advanced course provides content and discussion related to some of the recent developments in physical therapist practice. The course is divided into 7 sections: professionalism in practice; clinical reasoning; the patient/client management model & documentation in physical therapy practice; evidenced-based practice & technology resources; advanced clinical teaching; and, understanding the Guide to Physical Therapist Practice. This course requires some readings and on-line instruction prior to the first day of the course.

The assessment center uses case-based student & patient applications that were covered in each of the sections.

Many people that have completed this course have gone on to pursue a transitional DPT. It provides a good overview of the current model of physical therapy practice with an experiential approach to understanding these concepts. This course allows a CI that may have graduated from PT school several years ago to understand the concepts that the students are currently being taught.

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